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Firm Clients Featured in the New York Times

November 29, 2021—The New York Times wrote a feature piece on Firm clients Mat Henley, Nick Gicinto, and Jake Nocon—Uber security personnel who were the subject of feverish news coverage in 2017 during one of biggest trade secret cases ever, between Uber and Google.

During that trial, allegations surfaced concerning Henley, Gicinto, and Nocon and their security work while at Uber. The Firm sued the source of those allegations—former Uber employee Ric Jacobs—for defamation, alleging that his claims about Henley, Gicinto and Nocon were false. The defamation case was settled, and Jacobs issued a statement in which he indicated that he had never intended to suggest that Henley, Gicinto, and Jacobs broke the law and said, “I am sorry. … I regret not having clarified the statements at an earlier time and regret any distress or injury my statements may have caused.” Read the New York Times article here .