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False Claims Act

The False Claims Act is a unique statute that allows a private individual to sue on behalf of the government claiming that the government has been defrauded. “Whistleblower” or “qui tam” lawsuits often arise in the healthcare and military industries, among others.

Qui tam cases are far from typical lawsuits. They are quasi-criminal cases that involve special procedures that whistleblowers or “relators” must follow, and are subject to the oversight of the Department of Justice. Pursuing or defending against a False Claims Act claim requires detailed knowledge of the relevant statutes, along with experience in dealing with the United States Attorney’s Office and the courts on these matters.

We are deeply knowledgeable about the False Claims Act at both the federal and state levels. Our past cases include:

  • Persuading the United States Attorney’s Office not to pursue a False Claims Act case against several healthcare nonprofits;
  • Securing the dismissal of a $900 million Medicare-related whistleblower case alleging fraud by medical device manufacturer;
  • Convincing a federal judge to dismiss a $600 million qui tam action involving allegations of Medi-Cal overbilling; and
  • Representing a disposable medical device manufacturer in a United States Attorney’s Office investigation under the False Claims Act.

If you are under investigation in a False Claims Act matter, we have the experience and the knowledge to help you. And, if you have information regarding fraud against federal, state, or local government, we can represent you in pursuing your case.

Matthew Umhofer was named Attorney of the Year by California Lawyer magazine due to his success in representing clients accused of violating the False Claims Act. The feature highlighted Matt’s skill in securing the dismissal of a $600 million fraud claim against a non-profit healthcare provider and prevailing on appeal before the Ninth Circuit. Most recently, Matt and Elizabeth Lee won a pre-trial dismissal of a $100 million False Claims Act case that targeted a hospital and its employees.

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